Away From You All

Eenola is born in the wreckage of the Enola Gay, in the city once called Washington D.C. (the Air andSpace museum has been turned into a village after a nuclear war destroyed the old city). She lost her mother during her childhood and left a burning village. After growing up mimicking a wolf, she became the iconic neo‚Äźprehistoric huntress.
She’s now walking through the northern hemisphere, seeking a mysterious goal. She’s around 20 when she arrives to Afya’s retreat...

At the crossing of Mad Max and Quest for Fire,
Tank Girl and the cinema of Mamoru Oshii.

Ben Martin [COiNIIIP.] is a French artist, working internationally since 2001. He delivers a very intimate tale in beautiful and epic scenery, as well as complex story-telling.
Search for the clues. Everything is more complicated than it appears. AFYA is his second film taking place in Eenola’s universe. The first one was made in 2005.


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